Main Academy

Our Main Academy classes are for ages 7-18 years. Classes are split into four groups; Kids, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. Sessions at each Academy range from 3 to 4 hours per week and students participate in up to 4 disciplines. Dance, Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre.


Classes are specifically designed for boys and girls, with equal amounts of dance, drama and singing in commercial styles such as Street Dance, as well as Musical Theatre Styles.


Classes help students improve confidence, increase social skills, boost health and fitness and give them the opportunity to explore and create in a safe and fun environment!


Students are invited to perform in two full scale showcases per year, but there is no pressure to perform. Each week CSTA staff also choose a 'Performer of The Day' which students love to aim for!

Our students across all classes receive excellent training from industry professionals, with students graduating from Little Ones into the Main Academy, many have also gone on to some of the best universities and performing arts schools in the country. 

We are proud of our family feel, the students at Centre Stage help lift each other and provide a great support network across all of our academies. This is why our students rarely leave and when they do grow up they always come back to help out or give some great advice to our younger students.

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