Our Bexleyheath Academy opened in May 2012. We currently have 4 groups - Little Ones, Kids, Juniors and Seniors.


If you would like to join our Bexleyheath Academy, please contact us on 0800 058 2521 or click Apply Now in the menu above.

Drama School Bexleyheath

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If you would like any further information about our drama school Bexleyheath, please visit our dedicated page by clicking here. Alternatively, please contact us on Tel. No. 0800 058 2521, e-mail info@centrestagetheatreacademy.com

or via Facebook and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Discover your talent! Ever thought about being on the stage? Well, guess what, we produce FOUR shows a year in a professional theatre - meaning your time to shine is just around the corner! Training in performing arts help young people improve focus and concentration. Learn skills not just to better performance, but improve attainment, become more engaged and develop the skills needed to get further in life!

Here at Centre Stage, we believe being on stage is the best way for our students to learn, grow, and achieve confidence as performers. That is why we aim for our students to take part in two large scale productions per year, and a few smaller ones throughout. All students from as young as 4 are involved in our productions!

When becoming a performer you will come up against many challenges but Centre Stage aims to provide a safe environment where we, as professionals, can nurture you and your talent. We believe in individuality and becoming confident enough to express yourself.

Bring out the best in your child! The benefits of performing arts are endless, give your child the opportunity to develop, learn and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment, book a FREE Trial with Centre Stage today and see your child shine!

To book your free trial call 0800 058 2521 or email info@centrestagetheatreacademy.com

Our dance classes aim to develop students core stability, flexibilty, co-ordination, posture and technique. The basis of the training is modern street dance and musical theatre. However throughout the term introductions to other styles such as jazz and contemporary will help the students gain a better knowledge of dance as a whole and improve technique. Classes start with a physical warm up using technique and flexibilty exercises, and then we work on current production numbers.

Our Singing classes aim to help strengthen and improve vocal technique. Each week students will be working on production numbers, this means a variety of different styles from modern pop songs to musical pieces from west end shows. The aim for each class is to improve the voice from every aspect. Students will work on breath control, range, strength, and dexterity of the voice, as well as musical interpretation.



My girls love attending Centre Stage. It has a friendly atmosphere where everyone is part of a great big family. When you watch their shows you can feel their unity and support for one another. Thank you Centre Stage xxx


Tina Roche - Parent

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