Chaperone Licensing

We take the heath and safety of your children very seriously and ensure that everyone involved including teachers, staff and volunteers have the correct DBS & chaperones licences. All parents will need to get a DBS and a chaperone licence to help backstage at any shows or perfomances. Please apply to your own borough.



If you live in the Bromley borough you can only apply for your chaperone license through the London Borough of Bromley (Council). The chaperone pack will include: CRB/DBS booking form, chaperone License form (must include 2 references) form for safeguarding and chaperone training. Once the above documentation has been filled in it has to be sent back to Bromley Council and you will then be given a date to attend a safeguarding and chaperone training session. Once you have attended the training session and the above forms have been sent and cleared your license takes approximately 2 months to come back. Once you have your license this then lasts for 3 years and you can chaperone in any area. The process is free of charge. If you have any queries or questions, I have been in touch with a very helpful lady who you can contact: Lucy Jones – 0208 464 3333








If you live in the London Borough of Bexley, you have to apply directly to the council yourself as an individual. You will then have a chaperone pack sent out to your home address which includes chaperone licensing forms and a DBS check form. Once your forms have been sent back to Bexley Council, you will be asked to attend a short meeting at the Hill View offices where you will need to take forms of identification, 5 passport photos and 2 references. This service in the Bexley Borough is free. You can then chaperone in any area and your license will last 3 years. There is no training necessary. If you wish to apply for this service, please contact Sue Gardner at Bexley Council on – 0203 045 4441








If you live in the Gravesham Borough you have to get your license directly from the Kent County Council, Educational Department. You can request for your chaperone application pack to be sent to you. This will include all of your chaperone information and DBS check form. When applying for this service it is required that you attend a chaperone training session for 2 hours, free of charge in order for your license to be processed. Applying for a chaperone license as a volunteer is free of charge. If you wish to have any more information, you can contact Clare Blundell at the Kent County Council Educational Department – 01233 898672








If you live in the Rochester or Medway borough and you wish to apply for a chaperone license, you have to contact Medway Council directly. You will have forms sent to you that you will need to fill out which includes a CRB/DBS check form. You will then be asked to attend a very short training session regarding chaperone training, which is only half an hour. You can attend as individuals or as a group of parents. Once you have completed your training and your application has been sent, you will be asked to attend a meeting with Medway Council where you will need 2 references. Once the above process has been completed, your license then only takes 1-3 weeks to come back. This then lasts 3 years and is free of charge. To get your Chaperone License started you can contact Kim or Margaret at Medway Council – 01634 337309 or email:






Considering this service is completely free of charge including all of the above, we feel this is very beneficial to all parents. The safety and well being of all children part of Centre Stage Theatre Academy is our main priority. To have all licensed chaperones supervising our students at our events is now a necessity and will help things run a lot smoother. Once we have all fully licensed wonderful group of chaperones, I will be running a meeting at each branch to take you through what chaperoning at Centre Stage entails. Many of you have chaperoned on numerous occasions for us, but as we have lots of new parents joining each week, I feel this will be beneficial for everybody. So, not only will you be getting free training but you will also be getting a DBS/CRB check for free, which can usually cost anything between £50-£100 through external agencies!! The more licensed chaperones we have the more people we can have helping out at our events and performances, which I know a lot of parents love, and if you have never tried it, now is the perfect opportunity!





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